– Reflective Post on Cultural Commentary and Storify: Under 21 and drinking in the US –


The goal of this cultural commentary was to engage with some aspect of culture, for this it needed an explicit statement, evidence and a point of view. I knew I wanted to write about something I was interested in, something I had an argument about and wanted to discover in more depth. So I began thinking of subjects that interested me. Legalisation of drugs was an issue that I was curious to learn more about. However I felt I didn’t have enough personal knowledge on the subject. So I engaged with an issue that was similar but that I would be able to relate to more: the legalisation of alcohol. In terms of format, I chose to work with Storify. Purely because I wanted to challenge myself to use a different tool that I hadn’t worked with before. I also thought it would work well for my story in that I could support my evidence with facts and links that would be easily accessible to the reader. I liked the visual aspect of Storify and felt it would make my arguments more engaging. I enjoyed being assigned a cultural commentary as it gave me the opportunity to get involved and develop an opinion on a subject relevant to my culture. The cultural work I felt was mostly a comparison between European versus American drinking legislation. For me this was an interesting issue because I am between both cultures at the moment. It gave me an excuse to compare the two different cultures to each other and the impacts each has on a younger generation. I tried to do this from an objective, non-bias point of view. A reading I did that really helped me shape my essay was “Saudi’s in bikini’s” by Kristof: this made me realise how NOT to do it. I wanted to start with an open point of view and make up my mind from there. Overall I feel happy about the essay I wrote. I enjoyed learning more about the subject. I fear that I maybe didn’t go enough in depth but I like how easy to read and clear my arguments are. I hope it will develop a better awareness of the subject whilst being educational at the same time to both parents and teenagers.


2 thoughts on “– Reflective Post on Cultural Commentary and Storify: Under 21 and drinking in the US –

  1. Hey Stefanie! I really enjoyed the perspective that you approached alcohol legislation, actually. I think that it was super interesting how you chose to feature the American laws vs European laws, and how they have had different impacts. I think that your choice to not delve too deeply into the issue really contributed to the clarity of your argument and also made it very easy to see the parallels and differences between the US and Europe when it comes to alcohol. I personally really enjoyed reading your article, and thought it was a really interesting perspective that I’ve hardly ever considered before 🙂


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